When you mainly place, it is displayed in red or the number of blogs

Naver has a spam filter system.

It is a system that calculates the degree of badness of the document and helps to determine the exposure and ranking of the search results.

In other words, we should avoid writings that can be recognized as spam documents. Let’s find out about them.

  1. If a special character is inserted into the title, it is classified as an abusing document;
    Because it is converted into a non-consistent special character according to the user’s system environment, special characters are classified as advising documents.
  2. Does the index increase only when you write blogs every day?
    No. The principle of C-RanK is professional writing; one that makes use of expertise is weighed higher than the 10 daily writings.
  3. Is it low quality if I can’t manage my blog for a long time?
    It’s not low quality; however, the principle of C-RANK only allows the writing to be pushed back because of the lack of activity and expertise in the subject; so, if you operate hard, you can recover.
  4. What if you have a neighbor with a bad blogger?
    It has no effect.
  5. If the number of visitors suddenly increases explosively, it becomes low quality?
    It doesn’t matter if it’s not artificial manipulation, but if the issue statement does not last long after the visitor increases momentarily, it can have a bad impact on the quality assessment and reliability of the document.
  6. Posting at a clean IP address?
    It doesn’t matter. It doesn’t matter whether it’s a company or a PC room. But a large-scale company can be a problem.
  7. Can’t you change or move a category?
    You can modify it. You can go down by modifying the title, but you can not go down by supplementing the contents or modifying the category.
  8. Does the writing speed become recognized as spam documents?
    There is no significant impact on the speed of human writing, but if the writing is written at an abnormal rate and too many writings are so, it can be classified as a spam document.
  9. Spam if you paste it?
    It is not a spam document. There is no problem if you write it in a notepad or Korean document and paste it.
  10. White writing on the background?
    It’s advising, so it’s spam.
    Today, Naver has summarized five ways to inquire about Naver keyword search volume for blog top exposure.

You may know, but I will arrange it again for those who start blogging.
I hope you can blog for me!

I would like to introduce you as No. 1 and No. 1, which is a keyword search site that must be registered.

For reference, please note that the data provided at Naver Search Advertising Site 1 is the standard for other keyword sites that you will introduce.
It is an advertising system created for advertisers for Naver search advertisement. To be clear, you can see that those who run the site on Naver, not for blog search, are created to set monthly keyword search volume and advertising expenses.

However, if you refer to those who blog, you can see the keyword search amount, so it is good to use it.

  1. How to use it – To join with Naver ID;
  2. Utilizing keyword tools;
    Click the Advertising System and click Tools-> Keyword Tools to get the screen below.

You can search up to 5 keywords, and after you enter 5 keywords, you will get up to 1000 related keywords.

If you are running a business, please download the related keywords in the field I sell and save them as Excel.

Here’s a look at the monthly search number next to the related keyword, you can see that the number of views is different from PC and mobile, respectively. Because PC and mobile search are different for each industry, please refer to each search number and select it!!

Another, will it be an upper exposure unconditionally if you write a keyword with a high number of searches?

If the number 백링크 of searches is high, you can think that the competition is high.
The second site I introduce is a keyword tool site called Keyword Insight.

This site was originally used frequently on mobile, but it is a hassle to log in every time you sign up and search for keywords.

The advantage of this site is that I have classified the keywords I am curious about as shown below. The more good keywords are displayed in Best of Best, Good, Normal, Bad red, blue and gray.

So I usually decide whether to post a place or a restaurant by looking at the place where I am promised or the number of blogs is small or red when I decide the place.

Above all, if you are uncomfortable because you can not see the number of blog documents anymore because the Naver exposure method is changed, you can see the number of Naver blogs, PCs and mobile search numbers together.

But I don’t recommend this site to beginners. When I first choose the keyword I want, most of them are likely to have bad, so I can waste a lot of time looking for good keywords.

If you run a blog to some extent and have a sense of keyword, you can use keyword insights

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