The advanced football experienced at that time is all the same.

Song Jong-guk (43) FC Anyang Advisor painted a big picture.

Song Jong Kook Advisor is a person who left a big mark on Korean football. He played in 60 matches in A-matches and scored three goals in the 2000 Sydney Olympics, the 2002 Korea-Japan World Cup (4th round), the 2006 Germany World Cup and the 2007 Asian Cup. In his prime, he was named as a right defender so that he was called “left-wing post office”. In pro, he retired in 2011 after playing for Busan Ipark, Feyenoord (Dutch), Suwon Samsung, Al Shabab (Saudiarabia), Ulsan Hyundai and Tianjin Teda (China).

Song Jong Kook Advisor, who has revealed his presence in soccer commentators and entertainment broadcasts after his retirement, has been running the soccer academy ‘Song Jong Kook FC’ for a long time. Then, in early March, at the opening of the 2021 season, he became an advisor to K-League 2 FC Anyang. He met with ‘Interfootball’ in person for his second life.

  • I’ve been back in the K-League for a long time. I wonder how I’ve been.

Song Jong-kook FC was nurturing children. This year is 10 years old. It operates 10 locations only in the metropolitan area. Song Jong-kook FC is not a place to raise elite soccer players, but a place to run a hobby group, and a talented child is recommended to a nearby soccer school or elite course.

  • Is the work of raising children at Song Jong Kook FC and the advisor work at FC Anyang similar?

Well… not similar, but professional clubs have a strong youth system. It’s good players to keep coming out. It takes a lot of time and money to get a good player from the outside. It is important that a franchise star comes out of a youth team because Anyang is a community.

  • I have been in various teams during my active career, but I have never played in Anyang. What connection did you take to Anyang?

I had a meeting with Jang Chul-hyuk, the head of Anyang, and there was a lot of consensus between the head and the head. The director said he needed me. I feel a little late because I took office in early March, but I will continue to look at the second half, next year and next year.

  • I feel like ‘Anyang Man’ in just a few weeks. If there is anything I especially expect in Anyang.

Anyang has a slogan for “100 Years with Citizens.” To do that, you have to look far. Five, ten, and more. Elementary school students will be old enough to play in professional teams in 10 years. They can play national team. In the long run, the company plans to build a private stadium.

Feyenoord Stadion, who played in active duty by Song Jong-kook Advisor

  • Finally, a private stadium. It’s very nice news.

The plan for the construction of a private stadium is complete, but it will be completed as soon as 3 years and 5 years at the latest, although there is still work to be done internally. The capacity is planned to be 10,000 seats. I don’t think it’s hard to fill 10,000 seats. After winning the first part, you have to enter the 6th round to move to a prestigious club.

  • I experienced various stages such as K-League, Europe, Middle East during my active career. If there is a dedicated stadium to be a role model.

The stadiums are large only in Feyenoord, Ajax and PSV Eindhoven in the Netherlands; these three teams are 4–50,000, but the remaining first division teams are between 5,000 and 10,000 seats. The size of the first, second and third home stadiums is similar. In reality, the level is considered appropriate for the K-League.

Daegu FC, Pohang Steelers and Incheon United of the K-League made their own stadiums really well. In particular, Daegu’s DGB Daegu Bank Park is much better than the European stadium, and it is located in the city center. Other World Cup stadiums are too big, even if they are big.

  • There is one concern. It is pointed out that the private stadiums of Gwangju FC and Gyeongnam FC are sorry that they do not have roofs.

The roof should be unconditional. In our country, we don’t cheer on raincoats. We don’t watch 스포츠중계 soccer that way unless it’s our family game. The umbrella is inconvenient. So the roof must be there. I keep talking to the club and the city. The site is the site of the inline skating stadium near Anyang Sports Complex.

DGB Daegu Bank Park praised by Song Jong-kook Advisor

  • Recently, members of the 2002 Korea-Japan World Cup came to the K-League scene. Hong Myung-bo Ulsan Hyundai coach, Lee Min-sung Daejeon Hashizen coach, Lee Young-pyo Kangwon CEO, Park Ji-sung Jeonbuk Hyundai advisor. You can meet them as enemies.

The advanced footballs we experienced at the time were similar. Each played a leader, an administrator. He was a former colleague. (Who do you want to beat in the K-League) is the best friend of the coach of Gyeongnam FC, Seol Ki-hyun. I want to beat Gyeongnam. It’s more fun because you have pride. You have to win all sports. You have to win, whether you meet a strong team or a weak team. If you get good grades, you get attention, and if you get attention, the number of fans increases.

-Anyang has played four league games this season – who is the most anticipated player?

Ha Seung-woon is a left-hander who has been loaned from Pohang. His personal skills are really good, but he still lacks team play.(How much do you expect from Anyang team?) We have to watch until the first five games. Then the colors of each team will come out.

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