Girlfriend Mini Bag Choi Ae-tem First Luxury Bag Gift

I had heard the Shinsegae Department Store several times before, a gift for my girlfriend’s birthday and a gift for the second anniversary.

The Dior perfume I introduced last time was the first gift, and the second was not my gift, but a luxury mini bag that my girlfriend bought.

My girlfriend was also very worried and considered as a luxury bag I bought.

In the end, the bag I chose was a mini bag called Louis Vuitton Almab. It was a popular bag, so it took about two months to get it even if I ordered it well or ordered it because there was not much stock.

It is also a product that many people are looking for and it is less fashionable, so it has the advantage of being able to use it for a long time after buying it once.

I’ve already bought it for about a month and a half. I wanted to review it earlier, but I haven’t even had an unboxed one since I bought it.

It was the day when I bought Louis Vuitton luxury mini bag and Dior perfume at the same time.

You can see Louis Vuitton’s trade colours, light brown and logo.

Louis Vuitton is a luxury brand that many people are looking for, so it is often seen from afar because of its unique color.

After unboxing, you can see that the logo is neatly wrapped in the center.

When I opened the packing box, I could see the Louis Vuitton mini bag in the white pocket.

The Louis Vuitton mini-bag Almabb was a neat basic colored marsh at the bottom.

The lower part was marked with the Louis Vuitton logo as a whole.

I can’t see it here, but it’s also got a lock, a golden lock and a key, and as you can see in the picture.

There is a strap and a cross strap is also available for use as a crossback.

It is a careful description of Almabb by the employee.

On the right side, you can see the golden locks and keys, and you can wear leather gloves and install straps on the hand-held handline.

The purchase of Louis Vuitton bags was purchased through the official website of Louis Vuitton and picked up at Shinsegae store.

In this case, even if there is a 레플리카 problem with the disadvantaged sound bag, it can not be changed to the inventory in the store, and it is very difficult to return it and exchange it with another product.

There is a little gloss, so the color seems to change slightly depending on the light.

As you can see in this picture, there is a small accessory on the handline, and a lock for internal security

It is enclosed, which makes you feel like a complete Almabb when you install this small lock.

I originally wanted to give a small luxury scarf to the handline, but when I put a scarf on one side, the color fades while receiving the light. I did not buy a scarf because the color of one part and the part of the scarf could be different.

The back of the Almabb mini bag was carefully designed so that no scratches would be created on the bottom leather that would have been placed on the ground so as not to slip on the ground.

At first, I wanted to exchange it with a new product because there were some fine scratches and scratches on the leather part on the lower side, but it took several months to reorder it, and it was very difficult because it had to be handled directly when returning it separately.

If Almabb mini bag had a lot of stock in the department store, it would have been able to look a little more closely and choose better, but there was no inventory and order was not easy, so there was no other good choice.

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