A few more times before the summer comes.

A mask that you wear every day when you go out 🙁

There’s a big daily temperature difference and all kinds of dust.

I don’t feel comfortable with my skin.

Obviously, now that I’m in my late 30s,

Even the speed at which you get better with trouble comes up.

It’s slowing me down.

That’s why I’m paying more attention to my skin care these days.

My close brother went to a nice face massage shop in Dogok-dong.

I’ve been there fast because you recommended it. ♥

It’s Aesthetic The H, located between Dogok Station and Maebong Station.

It’s in the famous Kim Young Mo cookie shop building. Go find it.

It wasn’t hard, but the underground parking lot was good.

It’s very convenient to drive.

Like normal massage parlors to relieve fatigue.

Especially for the skin, it’s hard to find a better place.

The products you use to take care of, and the skills.

There aren’t many places that fit the whole atmosphere.

Find the right face massage shop for me.

It’s not easy. I’ve been there on my brother’s recommendation.

The H was satisfied with everything.

He seemed to be a good student.

The product I usually use in the shop is Dalpang!

As it’s an official partner salon, we’re offering a wide range of products.

I’ve got it, depending on my skin condition or my concerns.

I think it would be good if you chose the program.

Dalfang is very well known and premium line.

Because of that, sometimes I just put my name on it.

Some places use other products when massaging.

I can see the dalpang product everywhere.

If you like Dalfang, you can trust me. ♥

Various rooms such as single and double rooms are available inside the shop.

It was pretty big enough to be there, but he managed it himself.

You’re the only one with the director and the other staff.

She’s a meticulous massage expert, so even if she’s busy,

I think you’re both taking care of it, so…

Booking before visiting Dogok-dong Facial Massage Shop is mandatory ♥

I went alone, so I had to take care of myself in a private single room.

A bed set at the right temperature and a bed and a bed set at the right temperature.

Inside, there was a separate locker and a full-body mirror.

The powder room is located outside the maintenance room.

I’ll show you the details down there.

Lie down in a dedicated tower, light with cleansing.

It relieves fatigue through massage.

With moderate pressure, not only the neck or shoulder but also the chest will be sprouted.

It was really nice of you to take care of me ♥

And at the heart of this day’s management is GUINOT.

This is also famous for French aesthetic products!

Along with Dalfang, the new Guino product this time,

I started using it, galvanic and lifting.

There’s a dedicated device that can manage high frequencies.

We can expect more solid management.

I used to think handwriting was the best.

I’ve been taking care of it as I get older.

There’s nothing to follow, actually.

Care went in galvanic lifting high frequency.

For each care, Guino’s exclusive products are used.

Since we’re from the same brand, the synergy effect is…

It’s bound to get bigger.

For the first time, one galvanic uses an electric current.

It absorbs ionized serum gel to the dermis.

Smooth face without any pain or anything.

It felt like I was rubbing it, so I almost fell asleep. 😛

Next, Guino lifting! Depending on where the instrument touches.

Does it feel like the muscles in the skin are moving?

I’ve never experienced a face massage before.

It wasn’t an amazing care.

Take care of dermis moisture and skin elasticity at once.

It’s good for tight skin.

Personally, I’m very interested in anti-aging.

I liked the lifting time the most, heh.

Finally, it’s the oxygen high-frequency phase.

Apply exclusive cream to your face as a whole and at high frequency.

It activates microcirculation. It stimulates blood circulation.

It’s a process that helps oxygenate and purify the skin.

When all the care is done, you’ll need to find a way to soothe your skin.

Wrap it up with a pack. Done!

You see the pimple on the cheek 🙁

That was bigger and red before, but I got a real one.

And then it went down really fast, freaky.

If you change your clothes and go outside, there’s a powder room.

There are, 강남피쉬안마 like, basic things like dryers and combs.

It’s all in stock! Inside, there’s a shower.

I think you can use it if you need to.

Finish with warm tea before you go home.

I have a membership, but when I came in from the entrance,

Administrative costs are reasonable and not too onerous.

I think it’d be good if you took it regularly.

For reservations and more information, visit Aesthetic The H.
Please note that you can use the number. ♥

Home care is definitely not enough for skin care.
I was feeling the limit, let’s do a face massage in Dogok-dong.
The quality of my skin feels different after receiving it ♥

A few more times before the summer comes.
I think it’d be nice to take care of it.

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