Find out the cause and treat it

If you sit at your desk for a long time and study or work, your posture is likely to be disturbed, and your joints and spine will collapse. Bent or tilted posture causes muscles to bind, which also affects the spine while pressuring joints and disks.

Simple temporary pain can be relieved by massage or stretching, but if symptoms continue to occur, you can receive professional treatment to relieve the pain by correcting the imbalance in posture and muscles.

Manual therapy is a typical non-surgical treatment method. It is a method that shows orthodontic effect through the hands of a specialist, and since it is a method that does not involve incision or anesthesia, there is no burden on surgery and the time required is short. There is no significant limit to the body parts that can be applied, so the overall treatment of the body can be performed from musculoskeletal disorders to chronic pain.

Manual therapy is not simply a massage with pressure. It is a treatment that a trained manual therapist who has taken a professional course minimizes pain in the musculoskeletal system and balances the body with 강남피쉬안마 maximum mobility. As it is a complex rehabilitation treatment that balances muscles and combines stretching functions, it not only relieves pain from the spine and joints but also removes the cause of recurrence.

Spinal diseases such as back pain, lumbar disc disease, scoliosis, osteopathic nerve pain, and lumbar inflammation can be expected to improve with constant manual treatment. Posture correction is also possible along with pain relief, which helps those who are hardened into bent positions due to spinal pain.

Manual therapy is also effective for cervical and thoracic pain patients suffering from neck disc, turtle neck syndrome, straight neck, shoulder lump and gallbladder, and aftereffects of traffic accidents. In addition, it can be applied to joint-related diseases such as arm shoulder pain, rheumatoid arthritis, fascial pain syndrome, and wrist and knee pain.

When receiving manual therapy, you should see if a 1:1 customized treatment program is applied to suit your symptoms. In the case of pain strength therapy, knotted muscles and soft tissues are stretched by hand to help improve lymph and blood circulation, while joint strength therapy focuses on correcting muscles and ligaments around the joint, removing surrounding edema and relieving pain to restore joint function. Orthodontic manual therapy aims to properly correct posture and body shape by ensuring that the deformed spine and joint conditions function normally.

As the goals and approaches of each treatment are different, the effects can be expected through appropriate treatment based on the experience of a skilled manual therapist. This should be based on an accurate diagnosis of an orthopedic surgeon based on abundant clinical experience, so you can consult a specialist and receive manual therapy accordingly to improve the symptoms

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