Healthy diet shortcut

The diet season has come. By this time of year, there is a noticeable increase in the number of people struggling with diet to prepare for the summer season when their clothes become lighter and more exposed. In particular, this year, more people plan to go on a diet due to weight gain as their activity decreases due to the prolonged COVID-19.

In fact, according to a survey of adult men and women aged 20 or older nationwide by the Korean Society of Obesity, 40% of the respondents said they gained weight by more than 3kg after COVID-19. However, special attention is required as more and more people are injured by excessive diets that do not take into account their physical condition.

So we looked into traumatic spines and joint diseases that soar during the diet season.

The meniscus is divided into two parts, the inside and the outside. It is a half-moon-shaped cartilage that acts as a “complement device”between the flounder bone and the shin bone to protect the joint. I squatted when my knees twisted as I suddenly swerved A disease that can occur when repeating an action that occurs is metastatic fractures. Edema and pain appeared around the knee and bent the knee It feels like something is getting stuck when it is unfolded. It depends on the degree of damage, but sometimes you can’t walk due to extreme pain. It is also a common disease among young women who have done sudden exercise and extreme diet management to lose weight in a short period of time at this time of year

If you reduce your meal amount or starve, you will lack nutrients and moisture in your joints and surrounding tissues and cause blood circulation disorders, which creates a red light for joint health, creating an environment that is likely to lead to banwol cartilage fractures. In addition, overweight and obesity are at greater risk of leading to meningococcal fractures. This is because the load puts a lot of pressure on the knee joints. Therefore, if you are obese, losing weight and maintaining proper weight is good for your knee health, but a cramming and nutritious diet only for the purpose of burning fat can be poisonous

For men, wide shoulders and solid chest muscles are wannabe physical conditions that can show strong male face and confidence. The emergence of the new words “kkangmae (a word for a man with narrow shoulders)”and “kaekkangpae (a figurative word for a man with wide shoulders)” is a testament to how much interest is in men’s shoulders. Therefore, when deciding to exercise, they often focus on weight training that 강남안마 builds shoulder strength. However, many men suffer from shoulder injuries while training their upper bodies in a short period of time due to heavy barbell lifting and bench press. Among them, rotator cuff rupture and joint and net damage are common

Rotator cuff tear is a disease that covers the shoulder joint and causes pain by ruptured one or more of the four muscles, the rotator cuff muscles. This is the most common cause of chronic pain in the shoulder, and when raising the arm up, it is characterized by pain with a stiff feeling. Excessive use of the shoulder can lead to degenerative inflammation caused by the collision of the shoulder bones and rotator cuff. “

The joint and pure injury is a disease that causes the tear of the cartilage connected to the bicep and the tendon. The joint, along with the upper arm of the shoulder, is surrounded by the joint, the joint responsible for the joint movement of the joint, that prevents the joint from falling out of the joints. The symptoms vary slightly depending on which part of the shoulder joint is damaged, but it causes pain in the front and back of the shoulder and pain when bending or lifting the arm. When turning the arm, it can cause a “took”sound and power loss in the shoulder. If left untreated, chronic pain and habitual dislocation can cause inconvenience in daily life

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