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The Best Game to Learn to Buy and Sell Shares

the power of direct learning is undeniable. But when you have to invest your money in the stock market , however, making a mistake a beginner can cost more than your self-esteem. Thankfully, the web makes it easy to practice with virtual money.

There are many online investment games like Investopedia and gnuTrade that play with virtual money, but not all of them are easy for beginners. Here are five of the best free games (online games to make your feet wet.

Wall Street Survivor

Invest $ 100,000 in virtual cash through the drop-down menu options. The friendly cartoon version of Mark Brookshire’s teacher cartel helps you make a final decision by giving some numerical assessments as you stock. This includes ratings for survivor sentiment, fundamental, technical and Motley Fool Ratings.

For additional help choosing stocks, this site has an impressive library of resources that includes beginner, intermediate and advanced levels. Start with Investing 101 and consider taking advantage of community forums if you have specific questions. Those who need a little help getting started can also choose one of the preset portfolios made by proven traders.

While the $ 100,000 competition is the most popular, anyone on the site can make a contest. Prizes vary, but most often consist of competitive pride.


Owned by the same company as Wall Street Survivor, this game is great for investors who want to gain experience with new portfolio types. Besides stocks and indices, there are options for experimenting with Forex portfolios, penny stocks, mutual funds and short selling.

Beginners can execute market-based trading orders in “fun mode” without worrying about things like work hours, the maximum number of trades per day, per share and order expiration. A “realistic mode” increases its complexity after they master the beginner level.

Players can manage up to three stock portfolios and three Forex portfolios on the site at once. For each portfolio, they choose an initial value between $ 100 and $ 500,000 and determine how much virtual commission you pay per transaction.

The competition aspect is optional. The general monthly contest gives each player $ 25,000 as a virtual starting point. Other public contests include challenging restrictions such as “short deals only” or “penny stocks only.” Users can create their own password protected games too, which is a feature that teachers like to create class competitions.

Young Money Stock Market Game

The Young Money Magazine stock exchange game is easy to learn but also quite realistic, which is a balance that is hard to hit.

The realistic aspects include virtual commissions taken from each trade, following market hours and regulations on how you can invest. Unlike many investment games, trading is carried out at real-time prices. Learning aspects include easy-to-use help icons on the main requirements and an intuitive tab interface.

This site runs a monthly contest with a cash prize of $ 100 (real) aimed at whoever gets the highest percentage. Players can also create their own contests or enter contests created by other users.

MarketWatch Fantasy Earnings Trader Game

MarketWatch will run this mock stock market contest for a total of four weeks, providing winners every week with an iPad. It’s the third week now, but there is still time to enter the competition for the fourth week.

You must choose your choice before the week starts on Monday. The stock you choose is “bought” on open Monday and will “sell” automatically at the close of Friday.

The catch is that all players can only use 15 to 20 selected symbols each week. The company is chosen by the game owner for the company that projects their income every week. Lining up picks is easy – players simply drag the company logo onto their trading card and point if they want to sell short or go long.

Although there are a number of pro games, this game is very easy to manage for beginners because stock options are limited every week and can you visit play game slot online .